Sago palms can convert ground water,

Sago palms can convert ground water, because sago plants require high soil moisture. Region that is sometimes flooded heavily favored sago plants, but if the area is inundated will result in slower growth of sago and starch levels low. Which has sago areas will be maintained in a moist state area otherwise used for plantation crops will be made drainage channel. The water that is in the area will be channeled elsewhere. Therefore, the region has sago will contain a lot of water, but the water in the future will be a serious problem for humans, animals and plants.
A sealed area of ​​vegetation including the sago vegetation will result in high intensity rainfall but with little runoff. Thus the water available to the region’s living things become much more.
When the sago stands mendominiasi riverbanks will result in no runoff into the river but will be inhibited so that the runoff will seep into the soil and then into groundwater. According Harsanto BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA (1986) Dense stands of sago has the ability to clean up industrial waste and domestic waste.
Thus, sago palms are very beneficial to humans. In general, starting from the utilization of sago leaves are used as traditional roofs, daunya bone can be used as a wall, can be made lidinya broom, the bark can be used as flooring. Sago pith after shredded can be used as animal feed. If after a shredded, grated and then is processed further, then the waste is in the form of fiber can be used as animal feed, mushroom growing medium or media for a variety of agricultural crops. Liquid waste can be used for various purposes, such as staple food, industrial raw materials of food, biofuels, food flavoring raw materials, liquid sugar bakku materials, eco-friendly plastic raw materials that can decompose in the soil, livestock feed and as raw material for various other industrial.

2). Abut separation from the parent tree is done by cutting the neck area, woody (hard), the roots around the root-like stolon hard and roots trimmed to 4-5 cm and the stem is cut to 30-40 cm abut ..

3). Abut that has been separated from its mother should be sown (less than 24 hours) to increase the percentage of live abut. Abut already dilangsir to the edge of the canal should be moist and shaded from being exposed to direct sunlight which can lower water levels abut.

4). Before abut arranged in rafts persemain screening should be done based on the freshness of the seeds are characterized by a stem of fresh and shiny, old abut marked by pink color on the buttresses, abut weight 2-5 kg, stump or buttresses form of “L”, high midrib abut cut up to 30-40 cm, sertatidak attacked by pests and diseases.

5). Once selected abut, abut dipped in fungicide solution (dithane) to avoid pests or fungi. Dose of fungicide solution used was 2 grams / liter or 2 cc / liter of water. Long soaking the seeds into a solution of ± 2-5 minutes.

6). Breeding system is the nursery rafts carried on the canal with flowing water. Sago palm frond raft older adults. Raft measuring 2.5 x 1 merer which can accommodate 70-80 depending on Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayathe size of the buttresses abut. (Figure 5).

7). Abut sowing in the raft for 3 months. Seeding is too long will complicate the transport process, since abut too big. Abut growth in the nursery often not uniform.

8). Before planting, abut the stem leaves are first trimmed to reduce evaporation. Spacing sago used typically 8 x 8 m or 10 x 10 m and hole size 30x30x30 cm. Planting time should be the rainy season.

Ways PDKT with girls via SMS and BBM

Ask the pin / first number
The first thing done before BBM or SMS is asking pin number or you gebetan BB. And what Poker Online Yang Pertama Dan Terbesar Di Indonesia  you should know, ask directly to doi! Do not like cowards who only dare to sms or fuel. Most girls do not like that as it

SMS / BBM aja
In a communication is no such thing preamble. Do not really care to look at doi, selling a little expensive! SMS wrote like this for example “the heat really mba’e today, would not cendol? Ane longer eat cendol yeuuh”. With that possibility in the back would be even greater.

How Quickly He Reply
If you repaid gebetan girl let alone wear really long, or rarely bales, you should forget it wrote as doi usually already have a boyfriend and do not want to be disturbed. If the reply is often a quick and positive response means. Please continue to communicate.

Be Fun and disconnected
Do not make the conversation becomes boring especially when not connect. Girls do not like! You will be underestimated and considered crisp, not worth it, plus not level!

Do Insists
Do not be too ambitious to say, love, can not forget it and so forth when you are merely acquaintances, new ngegebet, new start. It is characteristic that the looser guy 100% you will be rejected by gebetan you!

When the girl Estella
It is rather crucial moment if you are wrong then you are going to be friends, but if you are correct then the girl could fall in love. Indicate that you are a smart guy, good, and wise who can provide a solution. Girls can later be shy, admiration, or love!

Be patient
Do not be too hasty - Rush invites the girls invite a date such as watching or sightseeing. Too fast and too long that one wrong too. Wait until approximately doi often give a positive response several times to avoid the repulsion solicitation.
JOKIBET.COM Agen Casino Online Terpercaya  Patience is important!

Do Lebay!
This is a fatal mistake! Still early already talking “you again what? Already eaten yet? I missed you? I do not disturb”. Idiih! Have in mind here is definitely a girl “who Idiiih elo SMS / BBM me put it this way, iyuuukk!”

Start Telephone
If you want to receive telephone gebetan you well, lots of chatting on the phone for a long time that means the chances of you getting doi been very large. Another case if at the time you phone, you gebetan looking for reasons to shut down your phone, it means a negative response means little chance of you guys to get the girl

Raising fish carp or guramih is one fish farming is still promising

Raising fish carp or guramih is one fish farming is still promising . For Indonesian people are very fond of this one fish . Especially now that many emerging large stalls selling grilled dish carp carp and various other offerings . So also in the traditional markets and modern markets are widely available raw carp ready to cook . This is what mneyebabkan carp are still business Cheap SEO Services opportunities and good business opportunity . Moreover, with the use of products in the form Nasa Ton , VITERNA , Poc Nasa and Hormonik which Tons of very much help at the time of stocking fingerlings in ponds tanah.Untuk VITERNA , nasa poc and HORMONIK ie with in the media mix in fish feed gurame.Adapun following cultivation techniques :

A. Preparation Facilities and Infrastructure

1.Lokasi appropriate for the cultivation of carp :

Carp grow normally at location altitude 50-400 m above sea level maintenance .
Type of clay or loam , and the pivot is not enough soil containing humus is good for pool maintenance . Because of the type of soil can hold a large mass of water is also not easily leak that created pond embankment or wall .
Good pool slope between 3-5 % , that occurs by gravity irrigation pond .
Water quality should really be clean with no muddy bottom of the pond , does not contain any chemicals or sewage plants , and not too muddy .
Depth of 70-100 cm with very good flow irrigation system for the growth and development of the carp . With the discharge of water 3 liters / sec for maintenance has traditionally specialized in the pond , and the water discharge between 6-12 liters / sec for maintenance polyculture .
The water temperature ranges between 24-28 0C .
Water acidity ( pH ) good is between 6.5 to 8 .

2 . pond

Pool used for the cultivation of carp , among others :

Parent storage pool - ground pool with an area of ​​10 m2 , kedalamam at least 50 cm at a density of an aircraft 20 females and 10 males.
Spawning Pool - Swimming land with an area of ​​200-300 meter2 , stem density of 1 fish pond requires 2-10 m2 ( depending on spawning system ) . The water temperature between 24-28 0C , water depth of 75-100 cm , and preferably sandy bottom . Prepare injuk to stick to the egg apparatus .
Seed pool or pond maintenance . Between 50-100 m2 pond area , pond water depth of 30-50 cm , with a
Pasang Iklan Gratisdensity of 5-50 fish / square meter . Long maintenance between 3-4 weeks to 3-5 cm sized fish seed .

Rearing ponds . The number of seeds in the rearing ponds stocking should be no more than 10 ekor/m2 . Sometimes it takes some pond netting from 1.25 to 1.5 cm .

Swimming or Pemberokan place . This pool is a place to clean fish prior to shipping

3 . Ways of making the pool :

Prepare the land size of 10 x 10 m ( 100 m2 ) .
Create an embankment width of 0.5 m , the bottom 1 m and height 1 m .
Put the pipe / gutter / bamboo big to enter and exit the water . Set high and low water that flows easily .
Holding pond bottom soil so loose hoe , then flattened out again so that the soil becomes soft after watered and holes or pores of the soil will be covered which can lead to leaks . Do not forget the bottom of the pool sloped toward the water exit .
Create a channel extending from the entrance to the exit of water in the middle of the pool with a width of 0.5 m mains and within 15 cm .
Sprinkle Nasa products are in the form of tons of chemical fertilizer mix with regular basis in life , then enter the water with a height of 0.75-1 m . Let stand for 1 week so that fertilizers seep into the soil and forming plankton , algae, as well as to test that the pool is not leaking .

B. Seeding

1 . Parent elections

The characteristics of a good parent carp :

Pasang iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar
Normal movement and agile .
Has the properties of rapid growth .
Relatively small head size .
Normal body shape ( ratio of length and ideal body weight ) .
Orderly arrangement of scales , smooth , bright and shiny colors and no injuries .
Sepertipisang beautiful lip shape , small -mouthed and not bearded .
Aged between 2-5 years .

2 . Differences male parent and female parent :

a. parent Females

forehead menenjol
Brownish white chin
Basic pectoral fin blackish dark light
When placed on a flat spot just twitching tail
If the stomach does not secrete fluid distriping

b . parent Males

Prominent forehead .
yellow chin
Basic pectoral fins bright whitish
When placed on a flat spot tail will rise
If stomach distriping white sperm discharge

3 . maintenance Parent

Select 20-30 tail to vast pool 10 m2 in the parent storage pool . You can feed the food leaves much as 1/3 kg for each aircraft weighing between 2-3 pounds each day in the afternoon . Give extra food bran finely brewed hot water 2 times a week at a dose of 1/2 tin kerosene .

Jasa SEO Bergaransi4 . hatchery

Parent immediately enter into a spawning pool if Gonada maturation process ( bladder eggs and sperm ) in ponds has reached its peak . How spawning carp as follows :

Fix basic dikes and ponds and dry for 5 days .
Perform liming and fertilizing leave for 3 days . Bottom of the pond fertilization with manure doses of 7.5 kg/100 m2 .
Basic pond planted with algae .
Fill the water was mixed with Nasa products in the form of tons of chemical fertilizer TSP comparison with 100 gm : grm/100 500 square meters , allow 1 week and then add water to a depth of 75 cm .
Pond with an area of 100 m2 distributed stem 30 females and 10 males. After spawning lasts for 1-2 days , the female parent will release her eggs into a nest which is then sprayed by the male sperm that fertilized the egg. If the parent - parent well maintained 20-30 days then the parent will spawn again , and a few days later the eggs will hatch .

5 . maintenance of Seed

After the seeds aged 1-2 months from hatching , grew up in the pond . The process of separating the seeds are stocked in the pond at a density of 30 ekor/m2 with seed size of 5-10 cm . The food was given during the maintenance process in the form of termites or leaf that has been softened with a dose of 20-30 % of the average weight of fish . Fine bran hot brewed an extra food is given 1 time a week at a dose of 1 tin of kerosene to 100 fish fry . The length of the nursery about 1-2 months .

C. Maintenance Enlargement Process

1 . Maintenance enlargement polyculture and monoculture done .

Polyculture . Dipeliharan carp with other fish such as carp, Tawes , nilem , tilapia or catfish . This method is more effective and profitable due to the slow growth of carp .

Monoculture . Only
Wisata Pulau Pari  dipemelihara carp , at least 2 months old seedlings were distributed . 500 fish seed ( size 10-15 cm ) stocked in the pond about 1500 meter2 .

Habitat , Breeding and Growth

Fish Gurame - Habitat , Breeding and Growth : Native Habitat carp living in their natural habitat in freshwater stagnant like a swamp , a lake , and there . However , some types of carp
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Separating Fish Gurame ( Maintenance ) : Activities include maintenance of seed nursery size 10-15 g / fish to a size of 150 grams / tail . The weight of carp is JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYAusually achieved when
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Sell ​​Seed ( Seed ) Gurame - Address and No. . Tel: If you are looking for a place to buy seeds or seeds carp , there are several places that you can call that sell seed
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